Sunday, September 28, 2014


One of the features we love about our house are the see-through stairs: it opens the dining room to the living room, and to the rest of the house.

Stairs before
But we hated the carpet. We thought the reason the carpet wrapped around the treads was because it hid beneath just plywood. There goes our surprise when we removed it from the first steps and we uncovered beautiful wood treads.

Stair during

We removed the carpet from all the steps and it's unbelievable how open the space looks now. We will sand and finish the treads in the coming weeks.

The stair at night
The stair during the day

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Work day

Because "everything starts with a break", we are enjoying our morning coffee on our new deck. We'll post later about the projects we are taking on today: a lot of demo....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First project

First project: Opening the garage.

The previous owner built a wall to hide the overhead door from the inside, demolished the wall between the garage and the corridor, and separated the garage into (2) spaces: a reception area and a storage room.

Tony working hard under Bebe's supervision
After a hard day of work

We (and by "we" I mean Tony) demolished the interior walls this past weekend. We will install a new overhead garage door and build a wall to separate the garage from the corridor on the ground level.

Design phase

The excitement you feel when you step into your home for the first time it’s overwhelming. We like this house as we did the first time we saw it and we know it's the perfect home for us.

House numbers and purple walls

Tony and I are very anxious to start working on our future home. We have (2) months before the due date (move date), and we would like to finish as many project as possible until then. Both of us have full time jobs (very busy at work ) so we will have to do most of the work over the weekends. As we tackle each space we will share before, during and after pictures. We will have to hire a few professionals along the way (electrician, plumber, etc), but most of the work will be done by us (AKA Tony) and, hopefully, our friends :)

We started the design process long before we close on the house