Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Closet 2

I've been very busy lately and I didn't have time to post, but a lot of things happened on the house so I will try to share them with you today and tomorrow. Tony has been working quite a lot on the house and most of the demo and build-out is DONE! Thank you for all our amazing friends that stopped by to help us.

I will start with the walk-in closet. As you remember last week, I posted about the existing 2' wide closet in the Master bedroom. Obviously, that didn't work, so we tore it down and enlarged the size of the Master bedroom.

Demolished closet
The Master Bedroom was now 14' x 20', too large for us. A bedroom is suppose to be cosy and comfortable. We intend to locate the bed where the existing closet was, so we can have beautiful views of the park every morning we wake up.  On the North side of the bedroom, there was now a large area with no windows or obtrusions (see in the picture below).

"dead space"
In this area, Tony and our dear friend Ionel, framed a new wall with a pocket door, and created a 5' wide room. The pocket door frame used is Johnson Hardware 1500 Series, easy to install,and very durable.

The Master Bedroom is still large at 14 x 14' - 7 1/2" but now we also have a large 5x 14' walk-in closet. Happy girl!

Walk-in closet in progress

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